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October 2015

Neutrogena Foundation Primers Review 

                                Hello everyone! With me today I have two  primers. Let me start off by saying a primer is absolutely necessary for my foundation routine and... Continue Reading →

How to Apply Mascara 

                   Hello everyone! Today I wanted to discuss with you guys how I get my voluminous lashes. So the reason I decided to do this post is because I am not a... Continue Reading →

Daytime Fall Smokey Eye 

     Bringing to you guys a fall makeup look! This is a great season to play with the seasons beautiful colors and create smokey eyes! Hope you enjoy seeing this look and please let me know your thoughts in the... Continue Reading →

E.L.F Products Review 

                    Discovering Elf cosmetics in Target was like following the rainbow and walking into a pot of gold. Elf products are extremely affordable and work wonders. Because I am totally obsessed with... Continue Reading →

September Favorite!

           Decorating for the season and trying out new fall makeup looks is a thrill. The thought of sipping on hot chocolate and watching Autumn's colors blossom in full gear is heartwarming. Hold on, let me... Continue Reading →

Benefits They’re Real Mascara 

Am I the only one who would drive 25 minutes away to get a free sample? Better yet a cosmetics free sample! Will that is what I did when I got a free sample coupon from Ulta Beauty for the... Continue Reading →

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