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November 2015

Give Me E.l.f!! 

Hello everyone! In this post I want to give you guys a review on some Elf Cosmetic's product that I own. I do have another post called the "E.l.f. Products Review" where I talk about the brushes I own and... Continue Reading →

What’s On Your Nails!? 💅🏽

Happy Sunday! Today I'm just gonna jump right into my nail color!!  Sally Hansen Miracle Gel/ Color: Pink Tank Price: $8.99  My Thoughts:  Beautiful pink fall color! It also looks like it has a tint of red in it!  Definitely... Continue Reading →

Purple Red Flattering Smokey Eye!  

"Nothing holds you back more than your own insecurities." Hey everyone I wanted to share with you all a beautiful night out smokey eye. This would also be great for a Thanksgiving dinner!  This look was done by using purple... Continue Reading →

Updated Instagram! 

For any of my followers who care! I have recently changed my Instagram account so if you did follow my old one please follow me on my new one! I'm so sorry for the hassle and don't plan on this... Continue Reading →

What’s On Your Nails!? 

Happy Sunday Everyone! I want to share with you guys one of my favorite nail polishes!!  Nina Ulta Pro Salon Formula Nail Lacquer/ Color: Biege a Vu  Price: Original:  $4.49  Sale: $3.99! Currently on Sally's Beauty Website there is a... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award!!

As shocking as it was to receive one award I was taken by deep surprise when I was elected for a second award! Thank you Beauty by Aisha for nominated me for the Liebster Award! It is amazing that someone so talented... Continue Reading →

Working at Ulta Beauty!!

It brings me great excitement and joy to announce that I have been officially employed by my local Ulta Beauty Store!! It is such a thrilled to be able to work in one of my favorite stores! So far it has... Continue Reading →

What’s On Your Nails!? 💅🏽

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! Today I would like to start something new on my blog and do a weekly nail polish post! I can't express how much joy I feel when I get a new polish or discover in old... Continue Reading →

The Beauty Blogger Award!

It took me by great surprise when I was nominated by Lash-Eyed Beauty for The Beauty Blogger Award! Thank you Lash-Eyed Beauty! I truly appreciate and honor to be given an exciting award by such a talented blogger. I strongly encourage all... Continue Reading →

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