Hello Beauties! I want to share with you all my thoughts on the Elf Mad For Matte Palette. I bought this palette about a month ago and have been using it non stop ever since to be able give my best opinion on the palette! Lets get started!

elf mad for matte 2

I do enjoy using Elf Mad For Matte Palette and the packaging is perfect for traveling but I did have my ups and downs using this palette. The palette has beautiful neutral shades that blend easily and flawlessly. The only troubled I had with the palette are with some of the darker shades.

With the darker shades from Elf Mad For Matte Palette I had to build them up which took quite a bit of time. Do not get me wrong the pigmentation of all the shades are wonderful and as I mentioned before the blending was a breeze. I only had trouble building up the shades to the intensity that I wanted when I was going for a dark smokey eye look. I found myself dabbing back into the shade at least five more times than I normally would with other eyes shadow palettes. My eye look would still turn out fabulous, I just needed extra time to build up the color and the end results was definitely worth the time and effort!

elf mad for matte 1

Now here is where I may confuse some of you. Although it took effort when I wanted to build up the look to a intense smokey eye, when I would do a light smokey eye I had to be careful not to apply to much product at once. If I was just going to put a few dark colors in my crease and create a cut crease, I needed to go in with a light hand so I would not over due it. So for me the pigmentation of the palette was right in the middle, not too sheer but also not too strong. It can be a pain to build up some looks but for other looks it starts off with the right amount of pigmentation.

When I swatch the palette some of the shades did look chalky. I did not however fine it to be chalky at all while I applied it to the lids. All in all I will be continue to use this palette and would recommend for you all to give it a try! I have not used any of Elf’s other mad for matte palette, so if you would want me to review any of the other palettes please let me know in the comment section below!

elf mad for matte swatchelf mad for matte swatch 2

Have you tried any of Elf Mad for Matte Palettes? Leave your thoughts on any of the palettes down below! If you found this post entertaining or useful give it a like and do not forget to follow my blog for future posts! Bye-bye!

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