Hello Beauties! Today I want to share a technique that has been truly helping my makeup game! Lately not only have I been moisturizing my skin but I have also been applying eye cream underneath my makeup. Some of you may already do this and some of you may not even use your eye creams often. I am here to encourage you all to try this tip out!


I apply CeraVe Eye Repair Cream along with my moisturizer about 30 minutes before I apply any makeup. Since doing this I have notice my under eyes looking brighter with a healthy glow to the skin! Although I thought it would cause my concealer to crease, it did the exact opposite.  I find the eye cream adds a smooth layer helping me easily apply my concealer, leaving it looking bright and lasting all day!


cerave eye creamWhen I would only use CeraVe Eye Repair Cream at night I did not notice the eye cream doing much for my skin. It does have a refreshing feeling when you apply but that is what I believed it only did. Now that I am applying this cream twice a day, I am noticing how hydrating and brighter my under eyes are looking. This cream has also helped to lighten up my dark circles.

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