Hello Beauties! In this blog I want to talk about oils and serums being used for oily sin. I myself have oily skin and the thought of putting oil on my face was terrifying with the worst image coming into mind. After seeing so many influencers rave about different serums they use and hearing how beneficial it is for all skin types I of course had to give it a try. Boy, was it worth it.


I apply my DERMA E Anit-Wrinkle Treatment Oil right after cleaning my face and letting my toner sink in, I started at first by applying the smallest amount possible. I immediately fell in love with the way my skin looked and felt. My skin has brightened, looks fresh, glows, appears youthful, and most importantly non greasy. I am only 24 years old so to say my skin looks younger is a crazy statement but nonetheless true. I am assuming the fresh inner glow takes a huge part in my skin blooming.

I know your wondering how does oils help with oily skin? When we use cleansers and scrubs to wash our face it not only removes dirt and makeup but also our body produce oils. Our skin feels that it lost oils so now its going to produce an excess amount of oil to makeup for the lost. But when we apply oil after cleansing our face, our skin senses this and therefore will produce less oil. It is crazy to say this but yes your answer to control oily skin is oils! So go ahead and give oils and serums a try! Start off with a small amount of oil and work patiently with your skin. After all, the benefits of using oil is unbeatable!

What is your favorite oil or serum to use on oily skin!? If you found this post useful or entertaining please give it a like and do not forget to follow my blog for future posts! Bye-bye! 

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