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I am absolutely a huge fan of Maybelline products. In fact their mascaras are my to go to with about five of them sitting in my makeup drawer currently and the foundations are incredible. Maybelline is an amazing drugstore brand that I am constantly raving about. So when Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation came out and I went to purchase it, I was convinced I would not have one negative thing to say about it. Maybelline has even recently said in a tweet that this was the #1 foundation launched this year.

maybelline super stay foundation

The foundation turned out to be a true nightmare. It was so bad that one day in the car I ended up using baby wipes to remove my makeup because I was horrified in the direction my makeup was heading. Let me start by saying the only true thing about this foundation is that it is full coverage.

I bought the shade 220 Natural Beige. When I would apply Maybelline foundation to my face the oxidation was horrible. I even bought a lighter shade and it still ended up getting two skin tones darker then my natural tone with a orange tint. Because the coverage was so pigmented and full, the oxidation was horribly noticeable even when I tried using less product to get a lighter finish. After only a few hours my foundation would start to crease and breakup around my nose, mouth, and forehead. Tying to fix the creasing only caused my makeup to fade and look patchy. This foundation did not do justice for my oily skin at all. I was greasy within a few hours, something I have never experienced with any of the other Maybelline foundations before.

ugh                                                                     IMG_0597.jpg

So I ask Maybelline what went wrong? The Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation had all the promising to be one of the best drugstore foundations. But something in the formula is completely off point. As disappointed as I am with this foundation, I will still continue to love and support Maybelline and hope their next foundation sweeps me off my feet!

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