Hey Beauties and Happy Sunday! It has been a long time since I have painted my nails and I truly miss it. I admit I love painting my nails and having them stylish but putting up the work and maintaining them can be exhausting. What truly motivates me to continue painting my nails is being able to connect to bloggers by wiring a blog and seeing others post beautiful nail arts. So thank you all for commenting on my post and letting me know your thoughts!

off white nail polish

Defy & Inspire Wear Resistant Nail Lacquer
First Impression
Price: $4.99

My Thoughts:

  • This polish is a off white color and even after two layers I could still see my nail bed. The off white color is gorgeous and would look beautiful on any skin tone!
  • I did not put on a top coat with this color and I was surprised my nails did not chip after three days of wear. The color with only a base coat underneath lasted amazingly well.
  • The wand was small but sturdy, giving me enough control to easily apply the product on my nails.
  • Although the nail color is not strongly pigmented, I will still be using this shade because of how beautiful and long lasting it is.

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