Day 24 Question: Which do you prefer: cream, liquid, matte, powder, sheer, or shimmer eyeshadows?


Hello Beauties! So to start off I love using matte eye shadows and if I can only use one type off eye shadow matte would be it. Before I only preferred matte on my lids but now I do like to use shimmer on the lids. I have used liquid on my eyes before and it is great to use for a quick smokey look. I have never used a cream but would love to give it a try. So honestly I do not have a preference of what eye shadow since I am still exploring and so far loving each different type of shadow I have used.

Before you go away I want to let you all know we are coming to a end of this 30 Day Makeup Challenge. I hope all of you beauties are enjoying this challenge with me and I love to read your responses in the comment section. Also the lovely Major Morris has joined me in this challenge and is currently on Day 16. Please check out her blog and amazing answers to these questions. I am so glad and excited she joined me in this challenge!

If you want to join in on the challenge please let me know and I can go ahead and send you the image that has all the questions!

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