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Coola and Influenster gave me an amazing opportunity by sending me suntan products. I received Coola Gradual Tan Face Serum, Coola Organic Sunless Tan Sculpting Mousse, and Coola Classic Sport Face SPF 50 White Tea Moisturizer. I am going to cut this intro short and go on with the review!

Let me start off with Coola Organic Sunless Tan Sculpting Mousse. This mousse gave me a beautiful even natural tan. I was already a little tan from the sun but this mousse did an amazing job melting in the skin and giving me golden sculpted look. While applying Coola mousse the scent of pina colada was overpowering but it did fade away as the mousse dried. The mousse dried pretty quickly but left a sticky feeling. I was impressed however that the mousse did not stain my clothes. The Coola does start to change your skin color in two hours. Like most tanning products it looks horrible on the palm of your hands but does fade away quickly due to washing your hands often. Coola mousse does fade gradually but too quickly. You would need to reapply in two weeks or less.

The Coola Gradual Tan Face Serum is amazing. If you are a regular tanner you need this serum. Most beauties do not apply face tanner on their face and this is the perfect product to still help your face look even with your body. This is an anti-againg serum, so not only are you getting your skin tanner you are also getting long term benefits. The serum does feel sticky on the face but once I put my moisturizer it still applies smoothly and the stickiness goes away. I only use this serum every other night, it is too heavy to put makeup on top of or use during the day.

The Coola Classic Sport Face SPF 50 White Tea Moisturizer had me completely confused when I first started using it. Influenster had describe this product as a lotion, so I initially thought it was a body sunscreen lotion until I realized it is a moisturizer for the face. Honestly it would be a great body lotion since it is so moisturizing but you would go through this product quickly. The moisturizer is smooth on the skin and leaves me with a even skin tone and natural soft glow. Although Coola moisturizer is super moisturizing I did not feel it to be too heavy on my oily skin and works well under makeup. The best benefit is of course that it has SPF 50 in it!

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