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I am super excited to be doing this post because it is in collaboration with the amazing AyR Galaxy! We have teamed up to give some tips on how to get organized for school. AyR Galaxy will be focusing on giving tips not only to students but parents who’s children are headed back to school. I hope that even if you are not going back to school you can still find these tips useful for your daily life routine!

I also want to mention that next week we will also be collabing on a back to school makeup look! Stay tuned for next weeks post and do not forget to check out AyR Galaxy blog! Give her a follow and I guarantee you will not be sorry!

Tip #1: Goals
Write down goals you want to accomplish for the school year, semester, and even weekly goals. This will help you to stay focus on your prioritizes, keep you on track, and stay motivated.

Tip #2: Pick The Right Friends 
We have all heard sayings of how bad company can corrupt are good thoughts and motivation. I find this to be highly true. If you surround yourself with people who skip class and procrastinate you will find yourself skipping class, procrastinating, and overall unmotivated for school. But if you are around people who want to work just as hard as you do you will find your self motivated and striving to achieve your goals. Not only that but the connections you make with friends will be super beneficial.

Tip #3: Time Management
In my opinion managing your time is the most important step to do not just in school but in life. We all have so many things we need to get done along with keeping up with a social life, it can be extremely stressful and we find ourselves giving things up due to not having enough time for them. When it comes to time management in school you need to put your studies first. Say no to school events or hanging out with your friends four times a week. Instead plan out your week ahead so you can have one day for friends and one day for school events. Too much work can put a strain on your energy so it is good to get a break from the books. But too much down time will cause you to miss your goals.

Tip #4: Be Early
I was always that one student who went straight from one class to the other. I like to prep myself before class even began and if there was a small assignment the teacher had us do in the start of class I was already working on it before other students even sat down. Being early not only helps you to get ahead, but it helps you to prepare for class and feel good. If you are someone who is constantly late you are already familiar with the sluggish negative feel toward school. Break that pattern.

Tip# 5: Support Group 
It is good to have people you can count on and support you when times get rough, this is why its good to have the right friends. Friends and family can hep you study and help you not to lose sight of your goals. They want to see you strive so go to them when you are feeling stress or want to give up. Support them as well so they can see that you care and they will also not lose sight of their goals. Help each other to have an amazing future!

Those are my tips that I want to share with you all going back to school! Now go check out AyR Galaxy post!

What are some of your tips you would share with someone going back to school!? If you found this post useful or entertaining please give it a like and do not forget to follow my blog for future posts! Bye-Bye! 

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