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30 Day Makeup Challenge Day 16

Day 16 Question: Do you copy any celebrities makeup? Hello Beauties! So I actually do copy a celebrity makeup, just one celebrity and yes it is Kim Kardashian West. I do not think there is a single person who can... Continue Reading →


30 Day Makeup Challenge Day 15

Day 15 Question: Do you wear blush? Hello Beauties! This is a simple question to answer and yes I do wear blush! However I do remember a time I hated the idea of applying blush. Back when I first started... Continue Reading →

30 Day Makeup Challenge Day 14

Day 14 Question: Favorite youtube guru(s)? Hello Beauties! So I picked my top three youtubers that I watch, I am just going to go ahead and get started! Raven Elyse . Now Raven is not necessarily a beauty guru. Raven... Continue Reading →

L.A. Girl Brow Pomade Review

Hello Beauties! When I saw on twitter L.A. Girl raving about their new brow pomade something inside me just said I have to get this! I went online to their website and purchased the Brow Pomade in the shade soft... Continue Reading →

30 Day Makeup Challenge Day 13

Day 13 Question: Where do you keep your makeup? Hello Beauties! So this question is similar to Day 9 makeup collection. I do keep my makeup in the three plastic drawers that I have shown before. However, I actually do... Continue Reading →

30 Day Makeup Challenge Day 12

Day 12 Question: Favorite Mascara? Hello Beauties! If you have been following for a little while now you know that I love to use the best mascaras because I do not wear false lashes. So my favorite mascara? Well my... Continue Reading →

Facial Spa Routine| Skincare Routine

Hello Beauties! Today I am going to be sharing with you all my skincare routine and also my at home facial spa. I will not be giving a review on any of the products that I use since I am... Continue Reading →

30 Day Makeup Challenge Day 11

Day 11 Question: Do you like wearing bronzer? (If yes what brand) Hello Beauties? Do I like wearing bronzer? Lets see, um no. I love wearing bronzer! I am all about contouring and bronzing its my absolute favorite thing about... Continue Reading →

30 Day Makeup Challenge Day 10

Day 10 Question: Favorite Makeup Brush Hello Beauties! This is such a hard question to answer, I mean if you are a makeup lover I am sure all of your favorite brushes just went through your head and you feel... Continue Reading →

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