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Maybelline Helped Me To Be Bold!

Hello Beauties! In a world of so many different lip colors and different lip finishes I still stick to wearing neutral or mauve pink lip shades. This has all changed when I received my Voxbox from Influenster, they sent me... Continue Reading →


What’s On Your Nails!? 💅

Hello Beauties!! The color that I choose to wear all last week is a lavender color. I believe this is a perfect color to transition from summer to fall. This past two weeks Florida has finally begun to throw some... Continue Reading →

Wet N Wild Photo Focus 

Hello Beauties! I want to share with you all my thoughts and opinion on a few products from the Photo Focus line by Wet N Wild. I know I mention Wet N Wild so often in my blogs but I... Continue Reading →

Tip For A Bright Glowy Long Lasting Undereye! 

Hello Beauties! Today I want to share a technique that has been truly helping my makeup game! Lately not only have I been moisturizing my skin but I have also been applying eye cream underneath my makeup. Some of you... Continue Reading →

A to Z Beauty Part 4 (S-Z)

Hello Beauties! This post will be my final post of the A to Z Series! Lets begin! S Smashbox Photo Finishing Pore Minimizing Primer, This primer does an amazing job at minimizing my pores. It does do a decent job... Continue Reading →

A To Z Beauty Part 3 (K-R)

Hello Beauties! Today I am going to be doing the third part to my A To Z Series. I will only have one more post after this and I will have completed my series. Lets get to it! K Kat... Continue Reading →

A to Z Beauty Part 2 (F-J)

Hello Beauties! Today I am going to be doing the second part of my A to Z series! Lets get started! F Freeman Mint & Lemon Facial Clay Mask , If you have oily skin then this belongs in your... Continue Reading →

What I Am Loving In June

Hello Beauties! This month has flown by and I am ready to share with you all my monthly favorites! Lets get started! Garnier Refreshing Gel-Cream, I bought this gel-cream in the beginning of the month and so far I have... Continue Reading →

We See You Ulta Beauty!

Hello Beauties! I am so excited to be sharing with you all the beauty products that I have recently picked up. Ulta Beauty has recently added more brands into their stores and online! This is exciting for me because I... Continue Reading →

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